Monthly Scholarships

Howdy! The Randolph Area Aggie Mothers Club awards three to four scholarships each month to eligible Texas A&M University students attending the College Station, Galveston, McAllen, or the Qatar campuses. Three names will be drawn at each of the Randolph Area Aggie Mom’s monthly general meeting, with the exception of four names being drawn at the June and August meetings.  Randolph Area Aggie Mothers club members who are in attendance at the monthly general meeting can enter their Aggie’s name in for an additional chance to win.

Eligibility requirements to enter the chance to win a monthly scholarship:

  1. Currently enrolled at TAMU the College Station in College Station, Galveston, McAllen or the Qatar campus, undergraduate or post-graduate, (proof of current enrollment may be required)
  2. Permanent address is in one of the following zip codes: 76008,  78009, 78070, 78101, 78108, 78109,  78124, 78148, 78154, 78259, 78261, 78266, 78655, 80134  (subject to verification)

Currently enrolled A&M students or their parents/guardians can use the form below to register for a chance to win one of the 3-4 monthly scholarships. One online submission can be made per A&M student per month. Make sure to complete all information on the form.

The form below must be completed by midnight of the Sunday before the monthly meeting.  Submissions are due by midnight the night before each regular meeting.

Please Contact Melissa If you have any questions.

View Past Scholarship Winners