Scholarship Winners


Randolph Area Aggie Mothers Club Scholarship


Each year the Randolph Area Aggie Moms raise funds to provide scholarships to deserving students who attend or will be attending Texas A&M University in College Station. We greatly appreciate your support in helping to make their dreams a reality.

Congratulations to the 2021 Fall $500.00 Scholarship Winners

Class of 2025:

Kayla Teeler, Emma Royer, Ethan Scharmann, Erich Spellmann 


Juniors Seniors Graduates

Jenna Deramus

Clayton Elbel Mary McQuade

Meaghan Flanagan

Caroline Kuhn John Deramus Zachary Reinert

Richie Travis


Congratulations to the 2021 Spring $250.00 Scholarship Winners

Deziree Dickey, Meaghan Flanagan, Grace Harper, and Bryce Macdonald

Monthly Scholarship Winners, Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Month $100 Scholarship Winners Semester 
Jun-20 Hannah Borland Fall 2020
Evelyn Bruner Fall 2020
Caroline Nickle Fall 2020
Austin Trainer Fall 2020
Jul-20 No meeting
Aug-20 Aubrey Mai Fall 2020
Isabella Nowland Fall 2020
Lane Real Fall 2020
Conner White Fall 2020
Sep-20 Jamie Wycpalek Fall 2020
Kelsey Walla Fall 2020
Tasha Martin Fall 2020
Oct-20 Hannah Borland Fall 2020
Madeline Martinez Fall 2020
Tasha Martin Fall 2020
Nov-20 Ryan Zinsmeister Fall 2020
Aubrey Mai Fall 2020
Austin Trainer Fall 2020
Dec-20 Emma Spangenthal Fall 2020
Austin Trainer Fall 2020
Chelsea Hill Fall 2020
Jan-21 No meeting
Feb-21 Evelyn Bruner Spring 2021
Emily Hudson Spring 2021
Ryan Zinsmeister Spring 2021
Mar-21 Hannah Borland Spring 2021
Brock Jones Spring 2021
Evelyn Bruner Spring 2021